The days of Wirral (2)

Paying no heed to the world I walk along
this stretched track of  blaze in front of me
there must be a place where I belong
foliage and dust still cover it.

Time has yet soothed the primary strong thorns
by love surrounding all my air around
but for the gleam that stands afar and calls
the softest hours my clock has gently wound.

Steady winds steer my greed aside
blowing the waves and weighing both my anchor,
this wintry shore spreads its highest tide
which veers my barge to sail that distant harbour.

Tell me, oh man

I thought
you were a glitter with the stars
but after time
I've seen your lightning fall.

Tell, oh man,
why is your seed spread among the stones,
where is your splendour gone?
I am that voice

I am the voice that gathers the shouts of the distressed,
the voice that rise your yearning and takes it to the place
where the insatiable liar concealed in his walls
watches you from his fear and ever bleeds your dove.

Behind their golden balconies they've camouflaged a token
- this it is your god - they say, that gives you joy and work,
in his name we are guiding your breath and your steps,
we have imbibed his chalice and we know where we go.

You see their dazzling balconies that blind your baffled eyes,
it prevents you from seeing the fetish that they hide,
it's just an earthen idol, a blackhole without light
which has darkened your pathway and imbued you with fright.

But we have come today to face  that heap of lie,
we have come front to front, our grasped hands in core
in order to demand the judgment of all measures
for a new dawn of justice and for a rightful law.

I am that voice, your voice, which ascends in the hope,
your clamor through the oceans I will take in the winds
to let your seed of promise deluge the continents,
to scatter in this present awaken with your force
so that we all may see the new sun that approaches
and the flight of the songbird, and this dream that spurs.


Written for the people of all the rising movements worlwide for justice and peace.
Published by the U.S.A movement
"October2011. Stop the machine! Create a new world!"